Une spécialiste de la moisissure nous a recommandé le scellant pour le bois Techniseal. Trois mois plus tard il y a encore de fortes émanations. Comment sauver la situation ?

W. Lloyd-Smith

I hired an industrial hygienist with mould-sniffing dog. Delightful/ helpful, but despite my requests re non-toxic product, my written instructions revised by her recommended Techniseal wood preservative to treat indoor mould. A guy who works with her carried out her instructions. Everyone questions the smell, items removed off-gas badly. My doc says don't go in til air is OK - I was OK w/ no mask before the industrial hygienist's visit. Manuf. specs show warnings: poison, exterior use only, fumes dangerous to inhale. Asked Anne to assess and plan 10 days ago I need to know what needs to happen so house is free of VOCs?? Please advise re steps and people to help?

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