Does the company Isolofoam that you recommend on your site use chemical flame retardants and formaldehyde in their insulation products?

Karen 23 février 2018 16:54

Hello, I am confused by what seems to be an inconsistency on our site. On the one hand, you endorse the Isolofoam products. On the other hand, this answer to a question suggests that expanded polystyrofoam is toxic and should not be used in the home: Are Isolofoam products not using the toxic chemicals? I tried contacting the company directly but no one could answer my question. There's also no mention of these chemicals in their technical data sheets. Thank you, Karen

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Écohabitation 27 février 2018 17:13

Bonjour Karen,

Plusieurs des isolants de ce groupe sont certifiés Greenguard. Ce qui signifie qu'ils rencontrent les standards de faibles émissions chimiques de la certification. Il vous suffit donc de regarder si le produit qui vous intéresse possède les certifications.

Bonne journée,