What materials did you use for the straw/compost living roofs that you constructed, and can you recommend any common materials or instruction for building our living roof?

Matt Joppich

Hello dear people of Archibio, I'm so sorry to say I can't speak French but I'm hoping you can help me. My wife and I are building a very small house (540 square feet)for our family of four. We are putting on a living roof and have the waterproof membrane installed and want to finish the installation similar to how you have done with straw. Did you use a root barrier, any drainage material or any material to hold moisture? Can you suggest any materials or have a drawing of the system you designed? And how do you feel the living roof built with straw and compost has performed? It seems like there are many companies selling specialized high tech products that are very expensive yet living roofs have been around for centuries. Thank you for your help and all of your good work. Most truly, Matt Joppich, Traverse City, Michigan

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